Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County (DWC)

The Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County (DWC) is the newest addition to the CAB family of programs. The CAB Board of Directors approved the Day Labor Worker Center as a formal CAB Program at the June 2011 Board Meeting. The Center is now open as of April 2013.

Please visit the Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County website for additional information.



Our Purpose

The mission of the Day Worker Center is to assist day laborers in Santa Cruz County to secure safe employment, develop job skills, improve wages, and become more fully engaged members of our community. The Center facilitates the employment of day laborers in a safe hiring hall space and through an organized and dignified process. The program incorporates a high level of participation from a workers council to run the Center and is also supported by a social service component. The Center serves workers throughout the County.



Contact Information

Mireya Gomez-Contreras
Program Director
2261 7th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-475-9675 (WORK)